Pixlogin is a flexible solution where the level of security can be adapted as needed. Right from a simple login replacing a normal password or a pin code to a solution with a very high level of security with protection against man-in-the-middle and man-in-the-browser attacks.
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Secure bank transfer
With Pivtrack the user is able to sign transactions. For example: When transfering money to a specific bank account, the user can sign the bank account number with Pivtrack.
This will protect transactions from being manipulated by malicous programs popularly known as “man in the computer”.
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Personal identification verification
PivTrack is a dynamic ID card that ensures safe and correct identification. PivTrack allows you to check a person’s identify offline or online, on the telephone, in the street or via the internet. You can use PivTrack for access control, personal identification and authentication for financial or security-related decision-making.
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